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Giant nail polish sale - 12/16
Same Routine, feedback and messaging on MUA at up2d8onmyl1f3, payment through Paypal, shipping is $2.00 for first nail polish, $.50 for each after, will ship in flat rate box/envelope if shipping exceeds $5. Please PM me through MUA. 

Lippmann Superstar $12 (BN)
Lippmann Hit Me With you Best Shot $8 (BN)
Anna Sui 105 BN - $12

China Glaze - $3, all BN or used 1X unless noted
Turned Up Turquoise
Make an Entrance – 75% full, $1
Tequila Toes – 90%, $5
No Morals Coral – 90%, $4
Jamaican Out
St. Martini
Dorothy Who 

Straight Up - $4
Violet Hush - $4
Crown Jewels
Liquid Leather 
Light My Tiki 85%, $1.50
Passion in the Pacific
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Toe-quoise – 95%, $5
Up in the Air
Midnight Ride
Utoe-pia – 60%, $5
Sunset Glow
Prince Charming?
Eyes Like Sapphires
Indian Ocean - $5
Blue Paradise - $2
Yee Haw!
Up All Night
Radiant Rust $4
Chat Room Rendezvous
Haute Hippie $5
Open-Toed 75%, $1
Purple Rain
That Look - $4
Ruby Pumps
Tantalizing Toes – 85%, $1
Dripping in Gold – 1X

Revlon Street Wear - $1, BN or used 1X unless noted
Steelo – 1X
Gun Metal
Gold Mine
Silver Lining – 1X
Liquid Foil

Metalhead (same color as Zoya Trixie) $1
Granite Shimmer $1
High Society $1
I Married Blue

Essie - $4, BN or used 1X unless noted
Very Cranberry
Mod Squad
Chubby Cheeks
Red Nouveau
Damsel in a Dress (two bottles)
Carousel Coral
Funny Face
Love, Beverly Hills XX $6
Over the Top
Midnight Cami
Great Expectations – 1X
Lady Godiva
Curtain Call – 3X, $3
Brick Oven
Shorty Pants
Hello Yellow (Ulta Exclusive) - $8
Perky Purple
Brownie Points
Merry Berry
Strawberry Sorbet (two bottles) – one 2X, one used 1X
Sand of a Beach
Exotic Liras
Dusty Mauve
Magestic Mauve – 2X
Sexy Red Bag
Red Diamond
Unlabeled shimmery red color – 50%, Free with any Essie purchase
Spring Bouquet – 2X
Romantic Rose
Aruba Blue – 2X
Decadent Diva
Fifth Ave
Swept Off My Feet
Rose Bowl
Como – 50%, $1
Santa Fe Mauve – 80%, $2
Rose Garden
Burma Ruby
Splash of Grenadine - $5
Wrapped in Rubies
Ooh La La
Some Like it Hot – 80%, $2
Potato Fields – 2X, $3
Fire Cracker
Cherry Bomb
Flirty Fuchsia
Final Answer
Raspberry Seltzer - $1
E! Live from the Red Carpet
Essie Heart My JR Jewels
Honey Bun
Demurely Mauve

Color Club - $2 unless noted, BN unless noted
Strawberry Candle
Electronica (unlabeled – it’s a pretty blurple with pink flecks)
Jeweltone Blue
Sex Symbol
Diva Driver
Naughtycal Navy
Bishop Weed
Chelsea Girl
Under the Rainbow – used 2X, free with any Color Club purchase
Sakura Glow
Dazzling Orange
I Love You

Rev’d Up

OPI - $5 unless noted, BN or used 1X unless noted
Up Front & Personal
Black Onyx (3 bottles)- $3
Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds
Light My Sapphire
Ruble for Your Thoughts
On the Same Paige
Can’t Help Falling in Love Glitter $10
Yodel Me On My Cell
Pearl of Wisdom
Meet Me on the Star Ferry
Strawberry Fields (3 bottles)
Blue Moon Lagoon $6
Birthday Babe - $3
Catherine the Grape $6
Balin’ Hay in Santa Fe – 90%, $2
Cabana Banana – 2X
Goldilocks Rocks!
That’s Berry Daring
Merryberry Mauve Glitter Top Coat $6
Unlabeled red color – free with any OPI purchase
Fireflies - $6
Tutti Frutti Tonga - $3
Dim Sum Plum
South of the Cham-border - $8
Cozu-Melted in the Sun
Text Me-Text You!
Feelin’ Hot-hot-hot!
Gargantuan Green Grape Matte
I Only Drink Champagne
Monsooner or Later
Most Honorable Red
How to Jamaica Million - $3
Flint Island Flicker $8
Yule Love this Silver Top Coat – 90%
Curry Up Don’t Be Late!
Funky Dunkey
Ogre-the-top Blue
All A-bordeaux the Sled - $4
Blue My Mind - $4
Cozu-melted in the Sun
Pink Flamenco
Suzi Love Sydney
Royal Rajah Ruby
My Fave Wave – 95%
Purple-opolis (2 bottles, 1 OF)
Can You Tapas This?
Brisbane Bronze
3 Plums, I win!
Keys to My Karma
Affair in Red Square
If the Fuchsia Fits
Osaka-to-me Orange
Alpine Snow
I Lilac It Hot
Pink Before You Leap – 90%, $4
Miami Beet
Plymouth Lox
Cabernet for the Lady $7
Play ‘Til Midnight
Blonde Date
Cancun Fiesta
Gone-Shop Pink!
Pretty and Privileged
Give Me a Coral Sometime
Red Hot Ayers Rock
Sea Ya Later, Sailor!
Marquis D’Mauve
Red My Mind!
Lincoln Park at Midnight
Chapel of Love
Pike’s Peek-a-Boo Purple - $10
Strawberried in the Sand - $4, 90%
Glitter Bit of Music Top Coat
It’s Now or Never - $6
Curl My Mistle-Toes - $6
All Rose Lead to Rome $6
Unlabeled Innsbruck Bronze – free with any OPI purchase
Blooming with Love (Ulta exclusive) – $8
Regis Rocks! - $8
Down to my Last Penny - $3, 90%
Strawberry Margarita – 90%, $4
Pink Paradise – 85%
Burning Love
Tangerini Bikini – 90%
No Autographs Please – 90%
Kyoto Pearl - $3
Don’t Socra-tease Me – 90%, $4
Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow
Pink of Hearts 2009
Up the Amazon without a Paddle
Chick Flick Cherry
French Bordeaux
Quarter of a Cent-cherry
It’s My Prague-ative – 40% full, free with any purchase
Wyatt Earple Purple
Magnifico Mexico – 85%, $4
Valen-time for Love
Shootout at the O.K. Coral
Altar Ego
Glim-mery Gold Top Coat
Calendar Girl
All Shook Up!
A True Ab-original – 90%, $4
Cool in the Pool
A Oui Bit of Red
Give Me Moor - $4
Concerto Copper
Overexposed in South Beach

DS Illuminate $7
DS Treasure $6
DS Limited $6
DS Amethyst $15
DS Reserve $6

Orly - $3 unless noted, BN or used 1X unless noted
Shining Star
Red Flare
Velvet Rope
Happily Ever After
50/50 – used 1X
One Night Stand – used 1X
Passion Fruit – used 1X
1910 – free with any Orly purchase
Perfectly Plum
Wild Wisteria
Lemonade (comes with mini lip gloss)
Poison Apple
Enchanted Forest
Turquoise Charm
Aspen – free with any Orly purchase
Emerald Life
Plum Noir

Zoya - $4 unless noted, BN or used 1X unless noted
Chloe - $3
Angel $3
South Beach Ice
Nina $3
Harmonie – 85%, $3
Harley – 90%, $3

LA Girl
Disco Brites: - $2 unless noted
Vinyl Record

Rock Star:
Rockstar - $1

Heavy Metal - $2 (same color as OPI Baby It’s Coal Tonight)
LA Girl Flare: - $1

LA Girl Matte - $2
Blue Twilight
Sky Blue

Nars - $10, BNIB
Tokaido Express
Gimme Shelter - $8

Butter London HRH - $8 BN

BNIB $10 unless noted
$$$$$ Yes - $8
Galore Pink
Lucky Number - $8
Girls Will Be Girls
Imperial Splendour
Dance All Night
Coconut Ice $12
Something about Pink (Hello Kitty) $12
On the Prowl (Hello Kitty) $15
Blue Tips
Naughty Nautical $13
Light Affair $8
Varicose Violet
Beiged Bliss $6

No box – most are either BN or used once, $7 unless noted
Silverstruck - $5
Rougemarie – 75%, $4
Lola Devine
N color - 80%, $5
Vintage Vamp – used 2X, $6
$$$$$ Yes
Metalist - $5
Rocker – 85%, $5
Duo-Pink – 90%, $4
Steamy $6
Dim the Lights
Pre-Dawn – 75%, $4
Peach Party - 85%, $5
Relic - OF
Burning Love

Nicole by OPI - $4 unless noted, all BN
Enchantress (same color as OPI Rosy Future)
You’re An Angel
Scandal, Secrets, and Sparkle
Hint of Mint
Nicole…Spotted! - $5
Let’s Get Star-ted $5
Lemon Lime Twist - $3
Gone Wishin’ - $5

Sally Hansen
Raven’s Wing $4
Fashion Forward (Canada exclusive) $4

Emerald City - $1

Pixel Pretty $1
Lite $1

Misa – $3 each, all used 1X or BN unless noted
Looking for Trouble – 80%, $1
Lolli Jolly - $2
Majestic Purple
Hand Spun Silk
Little Dipper
Russian Sage
Bo-Jangles (2 bottles)
Teddy Bear - $1
Wine Burgundy
Crimson Damask - $2
Fatal Affair - $2
Dance Fever
Burnished Bronze - $2
A Little Something - $2
Passion 4 Fashion
Looking for Trouble (BN) - $2
A Sin Worth Committing
Dying Love

Maybelline (OF) - $1, all are evaporated
Party Girl Red
Matte Sapphire
Boot Leg
Brassy/Eclat de Cuivre – free with any purchase
Red Glamour
Diva Fever

Maybelline - $1 each, BN
Amped Aubergine
Acoustic Azure
Prismetal Purple

Revlon $1 each, both BN
Midnight Affair
Purple Pleasure

Elizabeth Arden – all $4, all used once
Worth Ave. Carmine F
Westchester Golden Red F

Borghese – all $3, all BN unless noted
Argento Mist F – used once
Chianti Wine F – used once
Rubioso Gold
Palermo Plum C – used 2X, $2

Finger Paints – all BN or used once unless noted, all $2
Artist’s Sapphire
Contrast in Crimson
It’s An Original
Still Life – is Good!
What an Exhibition!
Cherry Ices
Sketch N Etch
Raining Roses
Fall Fuchsia
Wine at the Gallery
Black Gumdrop
Get Real-ism!

Nubar – all BN or used once, $4 each unless noted
Black Chome
Tahiti Breeze
Eiffel Tower Sparkle
Swiss Chocolate
Cherry Cordial

Magic Potion
Pink Veil
Cupid’s Kiss
Love Rainbow
Unfaithful Red
Desire – used 2X, $3
Reef Green

Pop Beauty n/p – all BN unless noted, all $8 unless noted
Mandarin – used once, $8

Sephora by OPI – all BN or used 1X, all $6 unless noted
Personal Shopper
Dark Room
Underwater Fantasy
Blue Grotto (BN, Sealed)
Mermaid to Order
Domestic Goddess
Teal we Meet Again
I’m With Brad (two bottles)
Because I Said So
Lagoon-a-Beach (BN, sealed)

BB Couture - $4 unless noted, all BN or used once unless noted
Mystic Majenta
Dark Tommy
Briar Rose
Animal Instinct - $1, 50%
Autumn Sunset
Hound Dog – 50%, $1
Kiss of True Love
Labadie Beach
Vampire Bite
Blue Suede Shoes
Hailey’s Peach – used once, $1
Venice Party
Maleficent Magenta

Creative Nail Design/CND – all $3 unless noted, all BN or used once unless noted
Cran-o-berries – used 2X, $2
Hotski to Tchotchke (two bottles)
Fedora - $2
Smoochin’ – 75%, $1
Voodoo – 50% full, free with any purchase
Jiggy – used 2X, $5
Turquoise Tint
Times Square – 75%, $1
Sphinx – used 2X, $2
G’listen - $1
Free – used 2X, $1
You’re So Special – used 2X - $2
Black Platinum
New Year’s Kiss - $2
Gold Chrome
Copper Chrome
Tropic Coral
Electric Orange

Misc. n/p:
Sinful Let Me Go (two bottles) $.50
NYX Juliette $1
Sinful Gorgeous $.50
Sinful Frenzy $1
Sinful Coco Diamond $1
Sinful Fuji (two bottles, one unlabeled) - $.50
Claire’s Periwinkle - $1
Claire’s Under the Sea - $1
NYX Laura $1
NYX Girls unlabeled black glitter (similar to the Milani grey glitter from holiday 2010) – free with any purchase

Sinful Green Ocean $1
LA Splash Rainbow Purple
Unlabeled LA Splash purple glitter – free with any purchase
LA Splash Midnight Sun

Estee Lauder Golden Nude - $4
Sinful Morph del Rio - $.50
New York Summer Amaranth $3 
Barielle Make It a Latte $4, BN
Loreal B. Confident – free withy any purchase
Rimmel Time Out $1
Jessica Pajama Party $2

L’oreal Ocean Breeze $1
Stila Ilythia $1
Diamond Cosmetics Metallic Venom $1
Claire’s mood nail polish:
Wild/Calm (Pink/purple) - $1 BN
Peaceful/Confident (Blue/teal) - $.50, 75%
Sparitual - $3 each:
Up at Noon
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Miss World

Pure Ice Starry Nights (90%) $.50
Pure Ice Spitfire $.50

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sorry I don't have a MUA account...

I was wondering how much the total would be for these:

China glaze:
Dorothy Who
liquid leather
midnight ride
eyes like sapphire
blue paradise $2
Violet hush

black onyx
alpine snow

That's ok - comments are fine as long as they're organized and I can read them :)

The total (before shipping) is $26. With shipping it would be $31. LMK if you're still interested!

Thanks! I was afraid you didn't really check lj or something. :)

Okay! I wanted to put a max of $25 for spending on nail polish so let me think about if I want to take a couple out. Unless you'd be willing to sell for $25 shipped?

I can't sell for $25 shipped :/ LMK when you have a final list!

okay, how would it be if I Took 2 out so..

China glaze:
Dorothy Who
liquid leather
midnight ride
eyes like sapphire

black onyx
alpine snow

That would be $25 shipped. :) Do you want me to invoice you?

perfect! :)
I actually had those two on my maybe list to begin with!

Please send to android0025 (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

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