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MAC Sale - small one for now
Feedback under up2d8onml1f3 on MUA and ebay

Right now my PP account is restricted (as of 6/25), but I can still receive payments (if you gift it). Please, if you are uncomfortable with this, DON'T COMMENT. It will be a whole heck of a lot easier for me to keep track if you want to get something but don't like the gift method. I can't request money, so gifting it is the only way. When you send payment, please don't write anything cuz I know PP will check and I'll get in trouble for that. PM your info. 

Shipping for the first item - $2.50, $.50 for each thing after that. I am willing to haggle.

Onto the goods (I can do pics of individual things)!

BNIB Zandra Morange l/s (in a Zandra l/s box for Bronanza) - bright orange amplified l/s - $20
BNIB Kraft l/s - amplified mauve-taupe color $12
BNIB Red Full-Stop l/s - actually bright lustre pink, not red - $12
SIB Show Orchid l/s - used about 1-2X - bright amplified pink w/ blue & purple undertones - $10
SIB Rozz Revival l/s - used about 1-2X - bright lustre pink-red - $10
Preppy lipgelee (Lillyland collex) - used a few times, like 3-4X - sparkly pink - $18
SIB Lush and Bright lipgelee (Lillyland collex) - used a few times, like 3-4 - sparkly coral - $18
Shift to Pink lipgelee (Lillyland collex) - used a few times, like 3-4X - sparkly lavender/pink - $18
BNIB Poison Pen e/s (DSquared collex) - matte grayish-purple color - $11
SIB Wondergrass e/s - used 1-2X - frost medium green color - $10
SIB Star by Night e/s (Starflash collex) - used 1-2X - shimmery dark blue color - $10

Urban Decay original primer potion, SIB - used a a few times, like 3-4X - $12

Will continue to add to sale. Thanks!


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