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First Come, First Serve Sale!
Please message me on MUA (under up2d8onmyl1f3, where my feedback can also be found) if you want to purchase something. It will help my head not explode (when people were able to leave comments last time, it was very hard for me to keep track of things).


First come, first serve sale! I will wait one day for responses (unless you tell me beforehand if you’ll be busy) before I let the next person in line get what you want. I am severely in need of some funds because I had to start a new Paypal and have no bank account linked to it right now. Payment is through Paypal using the “gift” method.


Shipping for first item $2.00, then $.50 for each item after that, until you reach $5 (then it’s a flat rate box/envelope). Don't PM me here on Livejournal.


PLEASE contact me through MUA under up2d8onmyl1f3. That’s where I have feedback as well.


All are either BN or used at most 1X, unless noted.


OPI – all $3 unless noted

Up Front and Personal

Samoan Sand

Over the Taupe - $5

What’s Dune? (holo) - $6 (right over the “OPI” letters, so about 80-85%)

Skinny Dip’n in Lake Michigan - $5

Greece Just Blew Me Away (right over the “OPI” letters, so about 80-85%)

Suzi Sells Seashells by the Seashore

Your Royal Shyness

Soho Nice to Meet You

Boris & Natasha - $5

California Raspberry

Pearl of Wisdom (old formula, beige-pearly sheen, no iridescence like the one from the Hong Kong collex) - $1

Ecuadorable Coral - $4

Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow

You Don’t Know Jacques Matte


Orly – all $2 unless noted

Iron Butterfly (matte) - $3

Green Apple

Prim & Proper

Solid Gold (matte) - $3

Country Club Khaki

Gold Lame (old formula, old trapezoid bottle style)

1910 (really old formula, big .75 oz bottle, silver color like Essie Loophole)

unlabeled light pastel-ish yellow, kinda sheer, in the old style .75 oz bottle (free with any Orly purchase, just ask for it)

Paris Promenade (really old formula, big .75 oz bottle, red-toned purple color along the lines of Misa Push Upon It and Zoya Moxie)


China Glaze - $2 each

Radiant Rust (silver cap & silver writing on bottle)

Strawberry Smoothie

St. Martini


Essie – all are $3 unless noted

Perky Purple (handmade label) $4

Chocolate Kisses


Fifth Ave


Curve Ball – about 70%, almost to the bottom of the first “e” - $1

Sugar Daddy

BNIB Heart My JR Jewels (Judith Ripka LE, the dark brown)



Sexy Red Bag

Decadent Diva

Hi Maintenance

Potato Fields

Thigh High

Bag of Berries

Pink Lemonade

Damsel in a Dress $4

Lolipop (that’s how it’s spelled on the label)

Taxi Cab (like Shorty Pants, but not so neon)

Mod Squad

National Velvet

Moda Scoota

Sand of a Beach


After Sex

Shifting Power

Blueberry Crumb

Van D’Go - $4

Brick Oven

Sag Harbor - $5 (North Fork collection, the gray-ish blue one)


L’oreal – prices as noted

Ocean Breeze $2 (dupe to Essie Shelter Island)

Wear Extraordinaire – Martini Olive (shimmery olive green color) - $1

Jet-Set Concorde (sheer silver, like Essie Loophole, just a little sheerer) - $.50

Wear Extraordinaire – Plush Velvet - $1

Wear Extraordinaire – So Merlot - $1

Hopeful Plum - $1


Sparitual - $4 unless noted


Fancy Free

Primitive - $5

Disco Inferno - $5

Up at Noon

Twinkle - $5




Crystal Waters $5

I Feel the Earth Move

Gold digger

Regal  $5

Drop Dead Gorgeous - $5

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Effervescent (pinkish/red jelly) - $3


Finger Paints - $2 unless noted

Berry Belt - $3

Artist’s Sapphire

Maroon Macaroon - $3

Autumn Amethyst - $3

Divinely Deranged

What an Exhibition!

Lilac Love

Curator’s Coral

Contrast in Crimson

Mural, Mural, on the Wall

Gallery Glitz

Still Life – Is Good!


Sally Hansen – Star Opals & Fire Opals – all $1 (bottles are opaque so I can’t tell the usage, but they feel at least 90% full)

Blush Opal

Pale Pink Opal

Pale Lilac Opal

Royal Opal

Pale Pink Opal (second bottle)

Crystal Opal

Wildfire Opal

Earthen Opal

Violet Opal

Amber Opal


Sally Hansen – Nail Prisms – all are $2 unless noted

Fire Opal

White Turquoise


Blush Diamond (holo) - $3

White Diamond

Coral Amber

Lavender Pearl

Cinnabar Opal

Scarlet Ruby - $3

Amber Ruby - $3

Coral Amber (second bottle)

Lapis Amethyst – $3

South Sea Pearl

Lavender Sapphire


Sally Hansen – Xtreme Wear - $.50 each

Deep Purple

Music Charm

In the Navy

Lime Lights

Ocean View

Purple Potion


Nicole by OPI – all $3 unless noted

Turn out the Lights (green microglitter in black base) - $3

On Nicole’s Wish List (like OPI I’m a Princess, You’re Not, except that this is white microglitter that looks like really small flakies, not pink microglitter)

Cozy Red Rosey (old formula, shimmery medium red)

Deeply in Love (old formula, VERY similar to OPI NYPD Beet, except this is just a tad darker, about 85-90% full) - $5

Love Me, Love the Earth (light brown with gold shimmer) - $2

Swirl of Euphoria (shimmery, frosty light pink) $2

Play Fair (shimmery lavender color) - $2


Jessica - $2 each

Loving the Lifeguard (bright purple, like Essie Perky Purple, except not so neon)

Under My Umbrella (bright pink, like the Essie pink neons, except not so neon)


Sally Hansen – random lines – prices as marked

Lacquer Shine:

Spark $1

Shining $1

Beyond perfect:

Almond Essence $.50 (peachy nude color)

Tough Buff (10 day manicure line, label faded, sheer pink color) - $.50

Hi Definition:

Lite (bright yellow) - $1

Pixel Pretty (bright turquoise/aqua) - $2

Diamond Strength:

Precious Peach $.50

Salon (old style bottle):

Peachful Breeze (peachy sheer nude) - $1

Hard as Nails:

Poppy - $1

Lippmann – $6 each

Stardust - $4

Makin’ Whoopee


Revlon – Street Wears

Grass Stain (green crème) - $4

Psychedelic (pink holo bar glitter) - $4

Mmoody (sheer sky blue color w/ light blue shimmer) - $1

Splash $1

Stain $1

Color Beam Sheer – Night Light (not a Street Wear) $.50

Blackberry (not a SW) - $.50


Misa – all $2 each unless marked otherwise

Fatal Affair $3

Bo-Jangles (old formula duochrome) - $4

Dance Fever (silver glitter in clear base)

Pearl Princess

Ur Too Sweet (opaque red crème w/ pink undertones)

Unlabeled Misa shimmery beige color, in really old style bottle w/ white cap and white lettering, free w/ any Misa purchase, just ask for it)


Creative Nail Design – old formula

Strawberry Smoothie (right above the top of the old “C” logo) $.50

Fedora (dark chocolate brown) $1

Cold Shoulder (pearly white color) $.50

Hyde in the Dark $4


Maybelline – prices as marked

Colorama – all $.50

Cocoa Motion

Cocoa Motion (second bottle)

Blueberry Surprise (shimmery dark medium blue)

Steel Wheeling (has some holo glitter)

Emerald Frost (blue with holo glitter)

Shocking Melon

Express Finish - $1 unless marked otherwise

Purple Comet

Brassy $.25 (label on front has faded)

Raisin Run

Toffee Icing $.25


Purple Passion

Sunset Seas

Prismetal Purple (duochrome) $2

Wet Shine Diamonds - $1 each

Mediterranean Coral

Plum Solitaire


Random n/p:

Max Factor Diamond Hard – Angel Nails $.50

Precision – Indian Summer $1

Piggy Polish  - Jangle (bright magenta red/pink) - $2

Ulta – Rock Star - $1

Nina Ultra Pro – Soursop $1

Zoya Happi (duochrome) - $3

Chi – Purple Nights at the Mexican Riviera (shimmery dark purple, similar to Illamasqua Baptiste) $4

Sinful – Tokyo Pearl (pearly white) - $.25

Elizabeth Arden – True Love Verona F - $3

Nina Ultra Pro Dragon Berry - $1

MAC Cabaret (bright red crème, really old style square bottle) - $2

Chelsea Blue Moon $1 *pend*

MBS Reef (frosty green color ) - $.25

Brucci Bert’s Blue (frosty-ish light blue/lavender color) - $.25

Brucci Mono Blue (metallic medium blue) - $.50

Borghese D’Oro Peach F - $2

e.l.f. Coral (pink with gold shimmer) - $.25

Cover Girl Boundless Color – Amethyst Mist (diff. Sized glitter suspended in jelly purple base) - $.25

Cover Girl Boundless Color – Amethyst Mist (diff. Sized glitter suspended in jelly purple base) - $.25, second bottle

Cover Girl Boundless Color – Bronze Beauty (goldish base with silver shimmer) - $.50

Cover Girl Boundless Color – Candy Corn (candy corn orange color, aptly named so) - $.50

Cover Girl Nailslicks Moonglow - $.25 (frosty golden beige color)

Smashbox Smashing Pompous – shimmery plum/brown color - $1

Entity Pearl Turquoise – medium blue color (like a darker robin’s egg blue color) with blue shimmer - $1

Wet ‘n Wild Glitz (pink, blue, and silver glitter, the Craze line)

Nars mini in Candy Darling - $1 *pend*

Quirius/QRS Red Square (dark shimmer red with gold shimmer) - $1

Massini Slammin’ Red $2 (red holo glitter)

Piggy Polish Mermaid $1

Estee Lauder Golden Nude $5

Cover Girl Nailslicks Sun Kissed $.25

Cover Girl Continuous Color Quicksilver (shimmery, iridescent silver with pink and green microglitter) $1

Cover Girl Boundless Color City Lights (shimmery holo glitter, similar to OPI Paris Couture for Sure) $1

Nicka Mardi Gras (gold and silver glitter together in clear base) $.50

Entity Brown Plum (dark, shimmery brownish-purple) - $1

Pro 10 Nailcare – Spotlite (yellow crème, not streaky at all) - $1

NK Kaleidoscope (shimmery pinkish-red w/ dispersed holo glitter) - $.50

Sephora by OPI Opening Night (dark shimmery blue) - $3

Claire’s mini in Pea in a Pod (shimmer light green, iridescent) - $.25


LOT of 7 LA colors nail polish, some are from the Color Craze line, some are from the regular Nail Lacquer line – here are the color names and descriptions:

Color Craze:

573 (shimmery light celery green color – label fell off)

Static Electricity (crème medium blue color, like OPI Suzi says Feng Shui but a lot lighter)

Current – light celery green but w/ slight blue shimmer

Nail Lacquer:

Blue Treasure – light, sheer-ish blue with seafoam green & blue shimmer

Vibrant Violet – light lavender/pink color with pink shimmer

Shocker – very reddish-purple, berry color with strong blurple shimmer

Lemon Ice – pearly whitish-yellow base with light yellow/gold shimmer


This lot will have to ship in a flat rate envelope, so I can do $2 for the lot if you buy with some other things from my sale. And then I'll fit everything in the flat rate box/envelope.

LOT of 8 Amour n/p – all are unused

Blue Mets – frosty/metallic light medium blue

Yellow Pastel – sheer-ish pastel yellow with very slight shimmer

Mint Pastel – sheer-ish mint green pastel with very slight shimmer

Boyluver – frosty/metallic light purple color

Lavender Smooth – iridescent purple color that has very strong blue iridescence

Blue Pastel – pastel blue color, a bit sheer, with slight shimmer

Manila Krom - frosty/metallic pink color

Fuchsia Reflection - light pink color with pink iridescence

This lot will have to ship in a flat rate envelope, so I can do $2 for the lot if you buy with some other things from my sale. And then I'll fit everything in the flat rate box/envelope.



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