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Giant nail polish sale - 12/16
Same Routine, feedback and messaging on MUA at up2d8onmyl1f3, payment through Paypal, shipping is $2.00 for first nail polish, $.50 for each after, will ship in flat rate box/envelope if shipping exceeds $5. Please PM me through MUA. 

Lippmann Superstar $12 (BN)
Lippmann Hit Me With you Best Shot $8 (BN)
Anna Sui 105 BN - $12

China Glaze - $3, all BN or used 1X unless noted
Turned Up Turquoise
Make an Entrance – 75% full, $1
Tequila Toes – 90%, $5
No Morals Coral – 90%, $4
Jamaican Out
St. Martini
Dorothy Who 

Straight Up - $4
Violet Hush - $4
Crown Jewels
Liquid Leather 
Light My Tiki 85%, $1.50
Passion in the Pacific
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Toe-quoise – 95%, $5
Up in the Air
Midnight Ride
Utoe-pia – 60%, $5
Sunset Glow
Prince Charming?
Eyes Like Sapphires
Indian Ocean - $5
Blue Paradise - $2
Yee Haw!
Up All Night
Radiant Rust $4
Chat Room Rendezvous
Haute Hippie $5
Open-Toed 75%, $1
Purple Rain
That Look - $4
Ruby Pumps
Tantalizing Toes – 85%, $1
Dripping in Gold – 1X

Revlon Street Wear - $1, BN or used 1X unless noted
Steelo – 1X
Gun Metal
Gold Mine
Silver Lining – 1X
Liquid Foil

Metalhead (same color as Zoya Trixie) $1
Granite Shimmer $1
High Society $1
I Married Blue

Essie - $4, BN or used 1X unless noted
Very Cranberry
Mod Squad
Chubby Cheeks
Red Nouveau
Damsel in a Dress (two bottles)
Carousel Coral
Funny Face
Love, Beverly Hills XX $6
Over the Top
Midnight Cami
Great Expectations – 1X
Lady Godiva
Curtain Call – 3X, $3
Brick Oven
Shorty Pants
Hello Yellow (Ulta Exclusive) - $8
Perky Purple
Brownie Points
Merry Berry
Strawberry Sorbet (two bottles) – one 2X, one used 1X
Sand of a Beach
Exotic Liras
Dusty Mauve
Magestic Mauve – 2X
Sexy Red Bag
Red Diamond
Unlabeled shimmery red color – 50%, Free with any Essie purchase
Spring Bouquet – 2X
Romantic Rose
Aruba Blue – 2X
Decadent Diva
Fifth Ave
Swept Off My Feet
Rose Bowl
Como – 50%, $1
Santa Fe Mauve – 80%, $2
Rose Garden
Burma Ruby
Splash of Grenadine - $5
Wrapped in Rubies
Ooh La La
Some Like it Hot – 80%, $2
Potato Fields – 2X, $3
Fire Cracker
Cherry Bomb
Flirty Fuchsia
Final Answer
Raspberry Seltzer - $1
E! Live from the Red Carpet
Essie Heart My JR Jewels
Honey Bun
Demurely Mauve

Color Club - $2 unless noted, BN unless noted
Strawberry Candle
Electronica (unlabeled – it’s a pretty blurple with pink flecks)
Jeweltone Blue
Sex Symbol
Diva Driver
Naughtycal Navy
Bishop Weed
Chelsea Girl
Under the Rainbow – used 2X, free with any Color Club purchase
Sakura Glow
Dazzling Orange
I Love You

Rev’d Up

OPI - $5 unless noted, BN or used 1X unless noted
Up Front & Personal
Black Onyx (3 bottles)- $3
Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds
Light My Sapphire
Ruble for Your Thoughts
On the Same Paige
Can’t Help Falling in Love Glitter $10
Yodel Me On My Cell
Pearl of Wisdom
Meet Me on the Star Ferry
Strawberry Fields (3 bottles)
Blue Moon Lagoon $6
Birthday Babe - $3
Catherine the Grape $6
Balin’ Hay in Santa Fe – 90%, $2
Cabana Banana – 2X
Goldilocks Rocks!
That’s Berry Daring
Merryberry Mauve Glitter Top Coat $6
Unlabeled red color – free with any OPI purchase
Fireflies - $6
Tutti Frutti Tonga - $3
Dim Sum Plum
South of the Cham-border - $8
Cozu-Melted in the Sun
Text Me-Text You!
Feelin’ Hot-hot-hot!
Gargantuan Green Grape Matte
I Only Drink Champagne
Monsooner or Later
Most Honorable Red
How to Jamaica Million - $3
Flint Island Flicker $8
Yule Love this Silver Top Coat – 90%
Curry Up Don’t Be Late!
Funky Dunkey
Ogre-the-top Blue
All A-bordeaux the Sled - $4
Blue My Mind - $4
Cozu-melted in the Sun
Pink Flamenco
Suzi Love Sydney
Royal Rajah Ruby
My Fave Wave – 95%
Purple-opolis (2 bottles, 1 OF)
Can You Tapas This?
Brisbane Bronze
3 Plums, I win!
Keys to My Karma
Affair in Red Square
If the Fuchsia Fits
Osaka-to-me Orange
Alpine Snow
I Lilac It Hot
Pink Before You Leap – 90%, $4
Miami Beet
Plymouth Lox
Cabernet for the Lady $7
Play ‘Til Midnight
Blonde Date
Cancun Fiesta
Gone-Shop Pink!
Pretty and Privileged
Give Me a Coral Sometime
Red Hot Ayers Rock
Sea Ya Later, Sailor!
Marquis D’Mauve
Red My Mind!
Lincoln Park at Midnight
Chapel of Love
Pike’s Peek-a-Boo Purple - $10
Strawberried in the Sand - $4, 90%
Glitter Bit of Music Top Coat
It’s Now or Never - $6
Curl My Mistle-Toes - $6
All Rose Lead to Rome $6
Unlabeled Innsbruck Bronze – free with any OPI purchase
Blooming with Love (Ulta exclusive) – $8
Regis Rocks! - $8
Down to my Last Penny - $3, 90%
Strawberry Margarita – 90%, $4
Pink Paradise – 85%
Burning Love
Tangerini Bikini – 90%
No Autographs Please – 90%
Kyoto Pearl - $3
Don’t Socra-tease Me – 90%, $4
Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow
Pink of Hearts 2009
Up the Amazon without a Paddle
Chick Flick Cherry
French Bordeaux
Quarter of a Cent-cherry
It’s My Prague-ative – 40% full, free with any purchase
Wyatt Earple Purple
Magnifico Mexico – 85%, $4
Valen-time for Love
Shootout at the O.K. Coral
Altar Ego
Glim-mery Gold Top Coat
Calendar Girl
All Shook Up!
A True Ab-original – 90%, $4
Cool in the Pool
A Oui Bit of Red
Give Me Moor - $4
Concerto Copper
Overexposed in South Beach

DS Illuminate $7
DS Treasure $6
DS Limited $6
DS Amethyst $15
DS Reserve $6

Orly - $3 unless noted, BN or used 1X unless noted
Shining Star
Red Flare
Velvet Rope
Happily Ever After
50/50 – used 1X
One Night Stand – used 1X
Passion Fruit – used 1X
1910 – free with any Orly purchase
Perfectly Plum
Wild Wisteria
Lemonade (comes with mini lip gloss)
Poison Apple
Enchanted Forest
Turquoise Charm
Aspen – free with any Orly purchase
Emerald Life
Plum Noir

Zoya - $4 unless noted, BN or used 1X unless noted
Chloe - $3
Angel $3
South Beach Ice
Nina $3
Harmonie – 85%, $3
Harley – 90%, $3

LA Girl
Disco Brites: - $2 unless noted
Vinyl Record

Rock Star:
Rockstar - $1

Heavy Metal - $2 (same color as OPI Baby It’s Coal Tonight)
LA Girl Flare: - $1

LA Girl Matte - $2
Blue Twilight
Sky Blue

Nars - $10, BNIB
Tokaido Express
Gimme Shelter - $8

Butter London HRH - $8 BN

BNIB $10 unless noted
$$$$$ Yes - $8
Galore Pink
Lucky Number - $8
Girls Will Be Girls
Imperial Splendour
Dance All Night
Coconut Ice $12
Something about Pink (Hello Kitty) $12
On the Prowl (Hello Kitty) $15
Blue Tips
Naughty Nautical $13
Light Affair $8
Varicose Violet
Beiged Bliss $6

No box – most are either BN or used once, $7 unless noted
Silverstruck - $5
Rougemarie – 75%, $4
Lola Devine
N color - 80%, $5
Vintage Vamp – used 2X, $6
$$$$$ Yes
Metalist - $5
Rocker – 85%, $5
Duo-Pink – 90%, $4
Steamy $6
Dim the Lights
Pre-Dawn – 75%, $4
Peach Party - 85%, $5
Relic - OF
Burning Love

Nicole by OPI - $4 unless noted, all BN
Enchantress (same color as OPI Rosy Future)
You’re An Angel
Scandal, Secrets, and Sparkle
Hint of Mint
Nicole…Spotted! - $5
Let’s Get Star-ted $5
Lemon Lime Twist - $3
Gone Wishin’ - $5

Sally Hansen
Raven’s Wing $4
Fashion Forward (Canada exclusive) $4

Emerald City - $1

Pixel Pretty $1
Lite $1

Misa – $3 each, all used 1X or BN unless noted
Looking for Trouble – 80%, $1
Lolli Jolly - $2
Majestic Purple
Hand Spun Silk
Little Dipper
Russian Sage
Bo-Jangles (2 bottles)
Teddy Bear - $1
Wine Burgundy
Crimson Damask - $2
Fatal Affair - $2
Dance Fever
Burnished Bronze - $2
A Little Something - $2
Passion 4 Fashion
Looking for Trouble (BN) - $2
A Sin Worth Committing
Dying Love

Maybelline (OF) - $1, all are evaporated
Party Girl Red
Matte Sapphire
Boot Leg
Brassy/Eclat de Cuivre – free with any purchase
Red Glamour
Diva Fever

Maybelline - $1 each, BN
Amped Aubergine
Acoustic Azure
Prismetal Purple

Revlon $1 each, both BN
Midnight Affair
Purple Pleasure

Elizabeth Arden – all $4, all used once
Worth Ave. Carmine F
Westchester Golden Red F

Borghese – all $3, all BN unless noted
Argento Mist F – used once
Chianti Wine F – used once
Rubioso Gold
Palermo Plum C – used 2X, $2

Finger Paints – all BN or used once unless noted, all $2
Artist’s Sapphire
Contrast in Crimson
It’s An Original
Still Life – is Good!
What an Exhibition!
Cherry Ices
Sketch N Etch
Raining Roses
Fall Fuchsia
Wine at the Gallery
Black Gumdrop
Get Real-ism!

Nubar – all BN or used once, $4 each unless noted
Black Chome
Tahiti Breeze
Eiffel Tower Sparkle
Swiss Chocolate
Cherry Cordial

Magic Potion
Pink Veil
Cupid’s Kiss
Love Rainbow
Unfaithful Red
Desire – used 2X, $3
Reef Green

Pop Beauty n/p – all BN unless noted, all $8 unless noted
Mandarin – used once, $8

Sephora by OPI – all BN or used 1X, all $6 unless noted
Personal Shopper
Dark Room
Underwater Fantasy
Blue Grotto (BN, Sealed)
Mermaid to Order
Domestic Goddess
Teal we Meet Again
I’m With Brad (two bottles)
Because I Said So
Lagoon-a-Beach (BN, sealed)

BB Couture - $4 unless noted, all BN or used once unless noted
Mystic Majenta
Dark Tommy
Briar Rose
Animal Instinct - $1, 50%
Autumn Sunset
Hound Dog – 50%, $1
Kiss of True Love
Labadie Beach
Vampire Bite
Blue Suede Shoes
Hailey’s Peach – used once, $1
Venice Party
Maleficent Magenta

Creative Nail Design/CND – all $3 unless noted, all BN or used once unless noted
Cran-o-berries – used 2X, $2
Hotski to Tchotchke (two bottles)
Fedora - $2
Smoochin’ – 75%, $1
Voodoo – 50% full, free with any purchase
Jiggy – used 2X, $5
Turquoise Tint
Times Square – 75%, $1
Sphinx – used 2X, $2
G’listen - $1
Free – used 2X, $1
You’re So Special – used 2X - $2
Black Platinum
New Year’s Kiss - $2
Gold Chrome
Copper Chrome
Tropic Coral
Electric Orange

Misc. n/p:
Sinful Let Me Go (two bottles) $.50
NYX Juliette $1
Sinful Gorgeous $.50
Sinful Frenzy $1
Sinful Coco Diamond $1
Sinful Fuji (two bottles, one unlabeled) - $.50
Claire’s Periwinkle - $1
Claire’s Under the Sea - $1
NYX Laura $1
NYX Girls unlabeled black glitter (similar to the Milani grey glitter from holiday 2010) – free with any purchase

Sinful Green Ocean $1
LA Splash Rainbow Purple
Unlabeled LA Splash purple glitter – free with any purchase
LA Splash Midnight Sun

Estee Lauder Golden Nude - $4
Sinful Morph del Rio - $.50
New York Summer Amaranth $3 
Barielle Make It a Latte $4, BN
Loreal B. Confident – free withy any purchase
Rimmel Time Out $1
Jessica Pajama Party $2

L’oreal Ocean Breeze $1
Stila Ilythia $1
Diamond Cosmetics Metallic Venom $1
Claire’s mood nail polish:
Wild/Calm (Pink/purple) - $1 BN
Peaceful/Confident (Blue/teal) - $.50, 75%
Sparitual - $3 each:
Up at Noon
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Miss World

Pure Ice Starry Nights (90%) $.50
Pure Ice Spitfire $.50

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sorry I don't have a MUA account...

I was wondering how much the total would be for these:

China glaze:
Dorothy Who
liquid leather
midnight ride
eyes like sapphire
blue paradise $2
Violet hush

black onyx
alpine snow

That's ok - comments are fine as long as they're organized and I can read them :)

The total (before shipping) is $26. With shipping it would be $31. LMK if you're still interested!

Thanks! I was afraid you didn't really check lj or something. :)

Okay! I wanted to put a max of $25 for spending on nail polish so let me think about if I want to take a couple out. Unless you'd be willing to sell for $25 shipped?

I can't sell for $25 shipped :/ LMK when you have a final list!

okay, how would it be if I Took 2 out so..

China glaze:
Dorothy Who
liquid leather
midnight ride
eyes like sapphire

black onyx
alpine snow

That would be $25 shipped. :) Do you want me to invoice you?

perfect! :)
I actually had those two on my maybe list to begin with!

Please send to android0025 (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

do international shipping? shipping cost?
in singapore(:

I can ship anywhere in the world, including Singapore :) Shipping cost would be $13 if you ordered more than 5 nail polishes (I can ship about 20-25 for $13), but it depends if you want less than 6.

sure (: give me some time to come up with the list i want.
is the list above updated ?


I believe it's updated for the most part - there may be a few pending bottles.

Hey! Was wondering if u're still selling nail polishes and if u still have your bb coutures available?

In addition to that, the major reason behind my messaging was that I was hoping to get some help i.e. your expert opinion re: two BBCouture shades 'Venice Party' and 'Blue Suede Shoes' and how close u think they are in terms of color? And if they are different enough that i should get both or similar that one or the other is fine?

I hope to hear from you soon. Your help will be most appreciated! Cheers!

Yup, still selling (though I haven't updated in a bit but still have most of them) and BB Coutures still there!

Venice Party and Blue Suede Shoes have very similar base colors, except Venice Party has slightly more blue shimmer and has glitter (Which BSS does not have). If you're interested in purchasing PLMK!

Do you still have...

Zoya Marley, Chloe, Angel, Yummy, Malia, and Jordana?

I don't have Malia and Yummy, and I sent a swap request swapping out Harley (haven't heard back yet), but the other three are still available. PLMK if you are interested in them!

(Screened comment)
Harley became available, changed the invoice!


got your invoice for my mac blush, any of these lilac/purple or mint?? have you got photos of sale stuff?

I'd have to check at home. I also have another sale here (a some mint green!):

PLMK if you see anything you like :)

Hi there! I was wondering if you still had the smashbox primer to sell? Also I wanted to add a couple nail polishes if they are available. I'd like Color Club Chelsea Girl and Zoya Shivon. Let me know. Thanks!

Yup, everything's still avail for you hun. Everything is $25.50 shipped. LMK your invoice email!


Invoiced hun! From

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